Tracing the “Bread Crumbs” out of the scary dark woods as Hansel and Gretel taught us comes from an ancient Gullah fairytale. It teaches us to always trace your steps all the way back home to your origins otherwise, you will always be a “lost people”. The real life history of the slaves is the most PRECIOUS and most BEAUTIFUL story of our ancestors. Slavery is not where our history begins; it is but one part of a great heritage that we NEVER seem to learn about. Because I am the direct descendant of the slaves; I am able to bring our story to you from a perspective never before seen in the history of Charleston tourism before now. My name is Godfrey and I am Gullah Geechee. We the Gullah Geechee people are the direct descendant and true blood line of the slaves here in the Sea Islands of Charleston, SC.

Why is Charleston the number one city in the United States and number one in the world for its tourism and history you may ask. Very simply because Charleston “PRESERVES” the African American culture and experience more than any other American city in all of North America.  (Source: Charleston Visitors Center website)

I am the ONLY Native Charleston Gullah Historian, Researcher and Curator. I am honored to tell my family’s, my ancestors true heritage and history here in the Holy City of Charleston, SC.