Gullah: The blood root to Charleston's Slave Trade & Redemption

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Charleston City Tours By Gullah Gullah Tours:

On our GULLAH TOUR we give an interesting glimpse into an ancient culture of these mysterious people descending from way across da water. Gullah people are the direct blood descendants of the slaves brought to the Lowcountry regions of South Carolina and Georgia; including both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. These peculiar people were brought to Charleston by way of cargo slave ships. Charleston held the largest slave market in the United States where the Gullah culture & language continues this very day. Your tour guide Godfrey is the only CHARLESTON GULLAH historian that is truly authentic to his craft. Come have a look and take a listen; to an ancient history about an ancient people, the Gullah-Geechee people.

We are the only tourism company that includes a Large flat screen TV and IPad bringing you High Definition videos and images to help bring the sites of the city up close and personal. No matter what the weather brings, you are always protected from the elements. So sit back and relax in our black Mercedes Benz Chariot while we talk you through the world’s number one most ancient city; the city where the African American experience in all of North America began. Also known as the cradle of civilization to the New World; Charleston, SC The Holy City …..

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Client Testimonials 

We thought we had seen and heard them all….
Well you know what they say…. We’ve been coming to Charleston to vacation for more than 30yrs together. Godfrey has absolutely proven that we still have so much more to see and to hear. Godfrey has raised the bar to a much higher level and we will never ever be the same after experiencing his Gullah Gullah tour. The entire bus was in aw from beginning all the way until the end and still wanting more. He even went over the time by more than an hour just because we kept asking more and more questions. We have taken so many tours in our life time and have heard many of the tour companies sharing the same stories but Godrey is a pure breath of beautiful fresh and clean air!! Totally original and overwhelmingly impressive. A very special tour in a class all its own. Go and see for yourself.
Educational and Engaging
I recommend every child to go on this tour. The guide was extremely engaging as he rendered the history of the Gullahas!
I learned so much more than expected. Godfrey was energetic, truthful and accommodating. I will recommend this tour to everyone!
Super knowledgeable! If you want true knowledge about the the North American slave trade, then no better to get it from one of the few Charleston born and raised tour guides and the only Gullah tour guide! Would recommend to anyone!
Great tour
Godfrey is a great tour guide, he presented more information then our group ever expected.
Spacious new vehicle to tour in with video presentations also. Great value!
It was great!
I thought the tour was very informative and the guide was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He was even nice enough to help one of the ladies who wasn’t feeling well for a few minutes; it was good to see it wasn’t just about the tour but about helping others when necessary… I will suggest this tour to all of my friends if/when they are in the area. Thanks again!
Educational tour for a open mind
All I can say is, you will leave tour wanting to return with more individuals for the experience.
Excellent Historical Tour
This tour provides a deeper understanding of the slave experience in Charleston and how it influenced the development of Charleston as a city and economic powerhouse. I must for anyone wanting to learn about US History.
Family fun time’s BEST TOUR EVER!!
Our family reunion came ALL THE FROM CALIFORNIA to see if what we heard about Godrey was true and he is so soo much better than they said he was. We were all blown away. He gave so much knowledge. God has really worked him into an amazing tour guide. I will be back with more people. They must and will hear this man speak.
WoW WoW and WOW!!!
We’d heard this was the tour to take! Yep, glad we listened
We are so glad they recommended taking this tour. This was our best tour of our lives!!
Came back with my entire family!
Unbelievable how he learned the bible so well. Godfrey certainly has set me FREE!! Thank you for a real history lesson!!