charleston sweetgrass baskets

Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets Sweetgrass Baskets in Charleston: A Piece of History Dating Back to the Time of Moses If you visit the markets in Charleston, you will find sweetgrass baskets for sale. These handcrafted baskets are a popular must-have for residents and tourists alike, although many people are unaware of the cultural importance of sweetgrass [...]

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Gullah Gullah Tours Charleston

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gullah Gullah Tours in Charleston, South Carolina Whether you’re coming to Charleston or are already here, you’re undoubtedly marveled by the rich history of this beautiful city and there’s no better way to learn about Charleston’s history than with one of the city’s famous tours! If you’re looking into [...]

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Secret Gullah Geechee symbols

  You’ll see hidden, secret Gullah Geechee symbols Secret Gullah Geechee symbols We point out hidden, secret symbols hiding beneath the stucco of many National Historic Landmark buildings. We also show some of the massive slave auction sites hiding in plain site inside the Historic Down Town Charleston area. These are just [...]

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Look Yah

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