Godfrey KHill 

Raised by his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jefferson, Godfrey KHill was born in South River, New Jersey (The Garden State, Garden of Eden). After Doctors guaranteed he would not survive within hours of his birth, his grandfather descended from the Holy City of Charleston. He was a master of alchemy and very well known for turning water into fine wine; perhaps even better known for turning water into his famous Gullah Geechie Moonshine; authentically flavored firewater. Three months later still only barely breathing, his Grandmother placed him in a sweetgrass basket and stole him down south the river to Charleston, the Holy City; onto the sea shores of an ancient Gullah community called Ashleyville. 

Godfrey was raised in Ashleyville, where he learned the ways of his Gullah Geechie people; their ancient stories, and the sacred secrets of his Gullah Geechie heritage. A Charleston Gullah Geechie is a very very different type of Gullah Geechie. The city of Charleston is shaped exactly like a human’s heart and is known as Gullah Gullah Island. 

Godfrey is Charleston Gullah-bred and raised in the deep Charleston Rooted Gullah/Geechee Heritage and Spirit, thus, making him extremely rare and authentically different from all the other Charleston tour guides. There is no other Charleston native full-blooded Gullah/Geechee licensed certified tour guide in the world. (Deut 7:6)      

He was also heavenly influenced by Gullah Jack, Denmark Vessey, and Morris Brown. Gullah Jack and Denmark Vessey were legendary redeemers made to serve hard bondage here in the Holy City and Morris Brown was one of the very rare born free Charleston Black men that never knew life as a slave. They were some of the men responsible for Mother Emanuel Church coming into existence which was formerly known as the African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston. The private Black HBC Morris Brown College of Atlanta GA gives honor to Charleston’s Morris Brown.

At HILLSBORO, Ohio, August 1830. Brown organized the denomination’s western churches and a Secret Society branch that was indeed Rooted in the sacred truths of the Gullah Geechie ways of the elders. The street that Godfrey grew-up on in Ashleyville is named HILLSBORO Drive and he has also devoted a great amount of study to the “Secrets” that Denmark Vessey Morris Brown and Gullah Jack taught in secret amongst his hidden societies.

Transforming his hidden history from the darkness into the light of twenty-twenty Gullah Geechie Vision, Godfrey KHill silences all the historical liars and sets the record straight about what Gullah truly means. The truth will always trump a lie every day here in the Holy City of Charleston’s Hidden Slave history.

Godfrey KHill’s dramatic and passionate storytelling skills combined with his ability to connect intimately with an audience and speak directly to their most common subconscious needs is beyond extraordinary. 

Godfrey is the only man to prove the bloodline of Jesus Christ the Gullah Redeemer and his blood related kindred people to be the Gullah Geechie people of Charleston South Carolina. Jesus is the Root Doctor of Rev 22 and Gullah is an old ancient Hebrew word for Redemption, and all the world knows that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer coming back to Redeem his kinfolks from the curse of Gullah – GulLaw, from the curse of “the Law”. The proper way pronounce Gullah is gheh-ool-Law, it sounds like, “the Law”. 1353 Hebrew = Redemption 

These times of the signs are those specific signs the holy prophets of old would always talk about. The mysterious and exciting last days, and about that time that Jesus our Christ, the revolutionary Gullah Messiah himself, would return to come and redeem his people, and take us back home on Yah’s sweet Chariots, Halleluyah! Kum Ba Yah ma, Lord, Kum Ba Yah! Halleluyah! 

(Revelation 22:16 KJV)