Coming out on December 25th, Godfrey’s new book: “Charleston’s Slave Trade & Redemption Rev 22”

Wake up and see with 2020 Gullah Geechee vision!

Charleston, USA – The new Charleston begins with Godfrey K Hill and the Gullah Geechee vision of God’s perfect vision in God’s perfect time, that will give the readers a spiritual awakening. The book is written by Godfrey K Hill, the only native Gullah man and tour guide. The new Gullah Geechee book, “Charleston’s Slave Trade & Redemption” offers a rich history of the Gullah people and their traditions. The book will be available to purchase on the day Jesus Christ was born, December 25th. Godfrey K Hill offers a tour around the city of Charleston under the name of Gullah Geechee Tours, which is one of a kind experience. The certified tour Gullah Jac is the only Gullah historian and he is full blood Gullah Geechee. The tour is for every tourist and anyone interested in history; and it will point out every aspect of the city, like the Mega Church, Sunday service, biblical history of the city of Charleston and much more. All the tour is conducted in an Air-Conditioned Mercedes van that offers a comforting and relaxing tour; the van is also equipped with a television screen that shows images and videos to enhance the tour experience. The tour offers a magical experience about how the Gullah Geechee people broke the chains of slavery into freedom.

Godfrey K Hill is an author, and the only authentic native Gullah historian and tour guide who has devoted his entire life to his Gullah heritage and the ways of elders. Charleston city is number one for politics, churches and religion; and Godfrey’s tour offers a unique and rich experience of all the history of Gullah people and their culture and traditions. Godfrey’s books reveal the true history of the Gullah Geechee people and how they developed a creole language, and a culture rich in American influences that makes them distinctive among the African Americans. The tour offers different phases, like the night tour at Charleston city, Biblical and historical city tour of Charleston, and Porgy and bees walking tour. The tour gives the tourists with interesting facts that no one else has to offer, like the historical and biblical facts, the truth about the Gullah people, what Gullah really means, the language of Gullah people and much more.

The Gullah history very rich in its nature and the tour that is offered by Godfrey makes a remarkable experience for the tourists. The tourists who have taken the tour under the Gullah Geechee Tours show a keen interest in the city and history that’s because how Godfrey keeps them interested by explaining all the facts and unique features of the city and its people. That is what makes this tour distinct from any other tour. Godfrey explains every aspect professionally without losing any details and engaging the tourists at the same time. All the tour is made in an air conditioned van that offers a great relaxing and comforting experience.

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