2020 is going to be the magical year because it is going to be the beginning of new Charleston

This new book by Godfrey Khill details the insights from Gullah Geechie vision. News have it that Prince Harry and Megan has already read the unedited version of the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption, Rev22.

Book is available from this Christmas. It is going to reveal the truths from history which can take world by swing. This will be the biggest surprise of the New Year. Queen has also been informed about this mysterious book and is said to have been in contact with the printing press. The book will tell the world so much about Gullah Geechie heritage and hence, the date of launch. According to a prophecy December 25th is a birthday of Gullah Geechie Grandmother.

Writing revolves around the important city of Charleston as it is considered significant for tourism and for salve history. Conversations about the holy bloodline of Jesus Christ also takes place in this city and that is why Queen is concerned and wants to terminate the contract with printing press. Godfrey Gullah Jac has also not been found even after Prince Harry sent messengers to him.

Charleston has been the center of attention and attraction for almost a decade due to being the number one city to win the black history award in the entire world and that too for nine years in a row. Not only black history but for Gullah Geechie history, Slave history, and African American history.

It appears like since Kanye West performed Sunday service at Joel Osteen megachurch and him along with Kim Kardashian also talk about the directions of mega-churches and blood of Jesus Christ the Redeemer made Megan to raise some questions. She is intrigued by Charleston Slave Trade and want to know more. This Gullah man is now not holding back and want the world to know truth.

According to Godfrey the largest publisher in North Carolina of Christian books, Xulon Press has terminated the relationship with him because they are unable to handle the return of King Author. If Twenty Twenty Gullah Geechie Vision is to be believed that is Eye of God has been the way of seeing for them and if you look into his eyes you’ll see what he is seeing then God’s Perfect Vision has awaken King Author and brought him back from dead. The spiritual awakening of King Author was too much for them to contain.

However, the magic of this cannot be hidden anymore, it is high time for the people to know the reality and start seeing history as it has been.

About The Author:

This Gullah Geechie book is written by the only native Gullah historian and tour guide. Godfrey Khill is a published author and a full blood Gullah Geechie. He has completely devoted his life to the history and heritage of the Gullah. The information he is revealing in his book has never been made public before.

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